06.05.2010 [Resources Glitch]

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06.05.2010 [Resources Glitch] Empty 06.05.2010 [Resources Glitch]

Post by Deww on Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:55 pm

06.05.2010 [Resources Glitch] E1
06.05.2010 [Resources Glitch] E2

He glitcher the whole game.
He started "Glitch Battle" in previous game Smile
This was a provocation to prove that "I" Glitch. He and his boyfriend (Gooberman) posted "my glitch" on Goober's (LOL) "glitchers forum" which is my idea.
I know that Gooberman is handicapped, he hasn't any ideas. He thinks that can do what he wants, but everyone ee2 player know that it is old, ugly SLUT

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