29.05.2010 [Resources Glitch] Deww Glitch Again in 4v4 5-5

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29.05.2010 [Resources Glitch] Deww Glitch Again in 4v4 5-5

Post by Deww on Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:52 pm

OK, they won, but it what Deww did is just stupid -.-
Deww said that he never glitching in games, but I don't bellive him, so I checked playback... And... Now I know that he glitching in EVERYONE game. I really don't know why he is stupid to glitching in unrated game...
It was 4v4. All players played fair... And this Glitcher glitched :/

Why can't we automatic ban him from all games? He suck, he should continue cheats pointing with Texas and he should play against Computer with Newbie handicap -.-

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